Address: 11 Rada Janicijevica st., Gornji Milanovac
Gornji Milanovac Phone: +381 32 712 169
Phone 2: +381 63 623 505
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Winemaker Gm is a company specializing in sales of equipment and raw materials for wine growing and winemaking, as well as equipment for keeping brandy.
Winemaker GM can offer the Italian equipment for winemakers and rakia brewer such as:
- pump
- crushers
- press
- Filler
- filters
- labelers
- Corkers
In addition, we also offer silicone plugs for Barrique barrels, corrugated hose tip - gegofood.
You can buy the best quality ecological resources of the French company "LAFFORT" that the shop offers:
- yeasts
- enzymes
- Lactic acid bacteria
- Nutrients
- Tina
- agents
- stabiliatore
- Oak chips
In addition to "LAFFORT" chips, we offer oak chips from the French company "Boise de France".
In our offer we Inox program for winemakers and brewers from the company "Damor ltd", which in its production program offers high-quality equipment made of stainless steel:
- Standard size stainless steel tank 50l d - 1070l
- fermenter
- Tanks for fermentation
- stabilization
- Storage tanks
Winemaker GM offers a PVC cap and Greek company "Metalux" of Rhodes. We can gain cap color and design of your choice or with your logo.
We also offer Barrique barrels from French, Slavonian oak and domestic.