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The equipment for milk processing Gornji Milanovac

Address: 1 Kragujevacka st., Gornji Milanovac
Viber: 064/272-2976
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In business since: 1974.

Having started with simple blacksmithing and horseheoe services in 1974, our productive program has expanded since then through our inventive activities.

RAPID has always been among the leading small industries in the former Yugoslavia, always maintaining between 20-25 employees on staff and cooperating with a large number of business partners.

Our production program is divided into serial and individual production, of which serial production has always taken around 60% of our production capacity and was based on the "Zastava" car industry and sliding doors and shackles mechanisms while the individual production dealth with providing factory machinery for industry and alternative agriculture.

Due to changes in the economy ambiance in Serbia, our managment purchased ownership over DP "RAPID" in the end of 2003 and continued the program development in machine production and creating equipment for food industry and agriculture.

Thanks to our excellent product quality and a good production concept as well as great orgnaization, RAPID was ready for the new market conditions and new products.

Today, RAPID has over 20 employees and no excess work force with the tendency to increase this number by creating new products and expanding the market.

RAPID has a large number of associates with whom we cooperate on larger ventures.

Our association has an excellent business and technical cooperation with key scientific institutions in Serbia in the following areas:

- Veterinarian faculty in Belgrade
- Dairy institute in Belgrade.
- Wine institute in Novi Sad
- Agricultural faculty in Belgrade
- Technical faculty in Belgrade

We producte the following items per order:

- Dairy equipment (lacto-freeze, duplicators, transportation cisterns, milk reception tank, miniature mold press)
- Fruit and vegetable processing equipment (multipurpose UDI duplicator, etheric oil destilator)
- Steam generator (electric steam generator)

Dairy equipment

- Milk transportation cisterns (isolated and non-isolated) made entirely out of Inox AIS 304, complete with malnoch, chips and valves for pouring different volumes
- Lactofreeze (devices for preserving raw milk, capacity between 100L and 5,000L)
- Duplicators (cheese container) various volume per order between 100 and 1000L, made out of prochrome AIS304 with its appropriate armature.
- Duplicators equipped with a frame stiring, valve, total, butterfly filter, stirring bridge, easily moveable in addition to various dimensions of inox bags, perforated bottom, plastic pressure panel on wheels.

Fruit processing line

- Barboters with various capacities made out of inox
- Work tables for preparing fruits and vegetables in various dimensions made out of inox
- Cooking duplicators for jams and pepper spread various volumes, made out of AIsi304 inox.
- Fruit grinder 1000kg/h (apples), 2.2kw power, inox aisi304 material.
- Circulating pasteurizer for squeezed juice 80L/h, 6kw power made out of inox.
- Fruit masher up to 500kg/h with one plum, apricot and cherry sieve. 1.1kw monophase power, fully made out of inox

RAPID LTD, 1 Kragujevacka st., Gornji Milanovac
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