Address: 100 Kneza Aleksandra st, Gornji Milanovac
Gornji Milanovac Phone: +381 32 711 110
4/ 5stars

Below the green mountains on one side and mine Vujan mountains on the other hand, in Milanovac restaurant is located ZLATNO BURENCE. The city itself is one of the few cities in Serbia, with full map of the city before building designed by Viennese architects. The main street is adorned coffee that is in this place ever since the Swedish War II, the facility is the cultural and historical monument. The restaurant's ambience has been carefully decorated to perfectly respond to every destination that guests may want. Besides the wonderful ambience, professional and friendly staff are what sets us apart is our menu, which consists of local cuisine specialties. We offer a large selection of specialties from the grill and cooked traditional dishes that accompany the end. Enjoy with us the meals stored in the traditional manner, namely: -beans -charm -cooked beef -soup .... The restaurant has 40 seats and a garden with a capacity of 60 seats. Excellent service and quality that never lets you down you will exit the encounter whenever you are in this part of Serbia or in our city. According to our capacities organize festivities to your liking. Come and enjoy the magic .... Your Golden Barrel!