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    Mechanics Gornji Milanovac

    Address: nn Ibarski put st., Gornji Milanovac

    Used parts lot OPEL BRACO is located at no-number Ibarski road where you can visit us and purchase car parts at best prices.

    The quality of our parts is known to our years-long regular buyers and you can see it too.

    We offer spare parts for:

    - Opel Astra F,G,H (1991-2010)

    - Opel Zafira A,B (1999-2008)

    - Opel Corsa B,C,D (1992-2008)

    - Opel Vectra A,B,C(1991-2008)

    - Opel Meriva(2001-2007)

    - Opel Omega(1991-2001)

    - Opel Kadet

    - Opel Ascona.

    At the service which is located within the lot, you can have the parts you purchased installed in your vehicle immediately.

    If you encounter a problem on the road, there’s also our TOWING SERVICE there for you 24h a day, as well as car service that can repair any malfunction on your vehicle.

    We send parts via express mail.

    In addition to selling, installing, towing service, mechanics servicing our OPEL BRACO also pruchases Opel vehicles.

    Call us or visit and see the quality of our services and of our parts.

    Your OPEL BRACO...

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