Address: 44 1300 Kaplara st, Gornji milanovac
Gornji Milanovac Phone: +381 32 701 111
Phone 2: +381 32 701 112
Phone 3: +381 64 15 37 157
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Auto-Service COBRA-RIV is one of the most modern service center for your vehicles. It was founded as a family business first July 1990. with the intention to provide our customers in one place a complete service from passenger service vehicles, polteretnog and cargo programs. Year after year we grow and now, after eighteen years of work and experience with the right to say that we are best equipped for passenger service, semi-trucks and commercial vehicles in the region. With us through the years grew and the number of our customers as the best way proves that we are at the moment and the best way to meet all your requirements. The quality of our services guarantees trained and qualified personnel in all areas of servicing, which is an essential prerequisite to our customers satisfied. If one phrase should be defined auto service COBRA-RIV to make the slogan: - FOR YOUR CAR ALL IN ONE PLACE -