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Courses for beauty and beauty care: The course for beauticians The course for hairdressers The course for the make-up artists Course for waxing Manicure and Pedicure The course for massage therapists Course linfnu drainage Administration courses: Accounting Course Business Course Typing course AUTO PROFESSION: Mechanic, car tinkerer, car diagnostician, car painter, car electricitan, FIRE-control PROFESSIONS: Firefighter An employee in the service of PP PP security Doorman Building industry: Bender Chimney sweep Mason Plasterer Isolater Paving Stonecutter Floor layer Crane operator Crane operator-lifter Compressor Controller The operator of construction machinery Stonemason Ceramist Terrace worker Miner Painter Dyer Editor furnace operator Electrical engineering: Electro for RA, TV and video devices Car electrician Electro devices for TT Fitter TT network An electrical network and facilities Electrical Electrician, appliance Electro Drive Food processing technology: Bender Baker Buregdžija Butcher Milkman Konditor Fruit and vegetables Processor of tobacco Brewer Miller Manufacturer of soft drinks Manufacturer of alcoholic beverages Medar Forestry profession: Game warden Forester Florist Gardener Gardener Arranger of plant material Wood-processing PROFESSION: Auto upholsterer Haberdasher Drvolakirer Molder Parketar Roletnar Carpenter Carpenter Gilder Woodcuter Woodcutter Producer of frames Maker of musical instruments Producer Panel Producer plaiting materials Upholsterer-decorator Manufacturer of material TEXTILE PROFESSION: Tailor Garment Mechanical engineering: Car tinkerer The operator of steam Metalopunch Welder-welder Locksmith Metalworker Plumber Metalbeaver Construction locksmith Metalostrugar Construction plumber Locksmith The gas burner Electro- Welder Gas Knife tool Smith Precision mechanic Construction equipment mechanic Fitter Preser Metalworker Maintenance mechanic for compressors Tinsmith Installation of heating and air conditioning RUBBER-Plastician PROFESSION: Tire Processor of plastic-plastic CATERING PROFESSION: Waiter Cook Confectioner Servírka Tapster drinks (bartender) Maid GRAPHIC PROFESSION: Engraver Binder Die-sinker Photographer STAKLARSKA PROFESSION Glazier Glassblower Staklograver Cutter GOATKEEPER PROFESSION Producer of leather and fur Makers of leather goods and gloves Furrier Shoemaker Garment INTERNAL TRANSPORT: Forklift driver-forklift Loader operator The operator of containers PROFESSION TRADE Seller mixed-goods retailer Arranger of Trade Storekeeper Seller of petroleum products Stockman MEDICAL PROFESSION: Nurse Gerontology Gerontonegovateljica PROFESSIONAL COURSE FOR translators and court interpreters Oxford Academy to anyone who seeks language and professional training, offers a specialized course for translators and court interpreters! The course covers 10 different subject areas of translation, and lasts eight and a half months or 200 hours of school in terms that can be morning or afternoon. Field of expertise: Introduction to Translation Judicial interpretation Right Economy and Banking Mechanical engineering Medicine Sport and culture Industrial Management Telecommunications Environment The course of water court interpreters, top experts in their fields!

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