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    Wholesale and clothes manufacture Cacak

    Address: 233 Dragise Misovica st., Cacak

    Standard production program

    - Creating men, women and children's tracksuits of various models
    - Creating men, women and children's polo shirts and t-shirts
    - Creating men and women's shirts
    - Creating women's leggings, tounics and cotton dresses


    - Making plus-sized models per customers' requests
    - Creating sporting equipment for clubs (tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts, house robes)
    - Service sewing
    - Service embroidery and embroidery programs
    - Service opening and button sewing
    - Printing patterns on the plotter (multiplication, size upscaling, fitting and printing tailoring images)


    The company owns a wholesale and retail store in Cacak at 233 Dr Dragisa Misovic street.

    The retail warehouse has a large selection of finished products for your retail objects.