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    Trucks, heavy vehicles - services Cacak

    Address: nn Preljina, Cacak

    Cargo vehicle servicing Peceni seated in Preljina, Cacak, offers the HIGHEST QUALITY servicing, maintenance and repairs for IVECO heavy load vehicles.

    Our service offers repairs and maintenance for all heavy load IVECO vehicle within their guarantee period.

    Peceni servis bases its work in quality, professionalism and swift deadlines which is in great part thanks to our professional staff who continue to improve their skills and methods.

    Our goal is to ensure safety and durability through regular servicing and repairs of your vehicle.

    Service Peceni offers:
    - Gear shift engine servicing
    - Injector servicing
    - Turbine servicing.

    Our service offers spare parts for the IVECA program and also installs them throughout Serbia.

    You can witness our quality on thousands of serviced trucks in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hertzegovina.

    Spare Iveco parts can be sent to your address.