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    Specialist clinics Cacak

    Address: 231 Gradsko setaliste st., ulaz 2 I sprat, Cacak
    In business since: 2009.

    Vesna Kuveljic    

    Gestalt psychotherapist

    Licenced by the EAGT - the European accredited Psychotherapy Institute

    The development horizons propagate a concept of healthy, balanced and responsible life.

    This concept helps the individual develop self-responsibility and raise awareness about their own physical, mental and emotional health.

    Psychotherapy services

    Would you like to receive psychotherapy services or develop your mental and emotional resources?

    Do you feel weighted down by troubles of life, something specific or a variety of different worries?

    Whether they are current or chronic, we treat:
    - Exhaustion
    - Sadness
    - Loneliness
    - Loss of a loved one
    - Shyness
    - Anxiety
    - Depression
    - Unrest
    - Indecision between an overwhelming number of activities or interests
    - Impulsive behavior
    - Anger issues
    - Sexual or affection issues
    - Issues with children
    - Issues with parents
    - Issues with employers
    - Issues with money spending or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
    - Physical or psychosomatic illness
    - Procrastination on making important decisions

    Or, if you feel great inside your own skin but you would like to make better use of your potentials:
    - Be more creative
    - Be more assertive
    - Be more at peace
    - Find fertile ground for your spiritual needs
    - Get to know yourselves and others
    - Improve your life together with your partner and your general relationships with other people

    Therapy can be individual, group or combined.

    Couple therapy - other than troubles in partner relations, especially working with couples struggling to conceive or who have struggled with it for a long number of years.

    Working with children - development difficulties, addictions, problem with school grades, professional orientation and the like.

    We work with kids who suffer from developmental issues, addictions, issues with school grades, professional orientation and the like.


    - Anti-stress program - meditation and relaxation
    - Parents' corner - we work on developing your parenting skills and resolving any specific issues you may be facing as a parent.

    I work with the following age groups:
    - Children
    - Adolescents
    - Adults


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