Address: 20 Stefana Prvovencanog st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 64 272 13 21
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Amidst the growing demand for goods and services in laser engraving and CNC milling cutter our company "Drvolaser" began work by separating from the craft store "Canak".

"Drvolaser" from Cacak offers all kinds of wood cutting and engraving services, plank materials, cryllite (plexiglass), veralyte, prochrome (inox) glass and more using a CNC mill cutter and laser engraving machine as well as production of products and semi-products from same materials. The machines have 900h600mm work surfaces.

Creating unique products is also a very interesting part of production program. This is where our knowledge and experience come to light. These types of products are of exceptional quality are made according to the customers' wishes by combining all materials and machines at our disposal.

We plan to increase our staff numbers as well as to increase the spectrum of services we offer in order to satisfy all our customers' needs when it comes to wood cutting and engraving in numberical machines.

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