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Address: nn Trnava, Cacak
Website: www.gordex.rs
Viber: 063/431-807
Whatsapp: 063/431-807
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In business since: 1992.

DOO Gordex was founded in 1992 as a family company which aimed to position itself as better as possible on the market.

This approach led to to the creation of successful company operating in three different bussinesses branches:

1. The main activity of the company is the sale of industrial chemicals with the emphasis on water maintenance products, as well as complete equipment for commercial and home swimming pools.

We are very proud of the fact that for many years now we have been working with most of the public swimming pooles in western Serbia and that we contribute to the health and hygiene of the waters that our citizens use.

2. Since 2000, Gordex company has expanded its operations to design, manufacture and installation of PVC and aluminum caprentry.

In the production process we use the first-class profiles of renowned manufacturers REHAU, ALUMIL and HUMMER.

Doors, windows and other elements from our factory have been installed so far throughout Serbia and abroad.

3. The youngest branch of the company deals with domestic and international transport of goods.

In our fleet we have 4 plane sprinters with 8 pallets and up to 1t capacity.

We perform services of transport, collective and full loading, in most countries of continental Europe at very favorable prices.

Contact us also via our second e-mail:  gordexspedition@yahoo.com

GORDEX LTD, nn Trnava, Cacak
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