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    Pizzerias Cacak

    Address: 6 Miloša Obilica st., Cacak

    Pizzeria and barbecue “Djak” is located in the center of Cacak and offers our fellow citizens and visitors from other towns who love good flavors a large selection of pizzas, sandwiches, pancakes and great barbecue specialties.

    We don’t need to advertise, our best advertisements are our best recommendation. They always come back to us, not just as customers, but as friends who want to experience our delicious specialties, old and new.

    We have behind us 15 years of successful work and many satisfied customers. This presentation is just an attempt for us to keep up with the times.

    You are welcome and we wish you bon apetit.

    With respect, the staff at pizzeria and barbecue Djak.

    Our locations:
    Shop 1
    6 Milosa Obilica street, Cacak

    Shop 2
    No-number Skadarska street, Cacak