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    Paper, Paper products Cacak

    Address: nn Bulevar Oslobodilaca st., Cacak
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    In business since: 2012.

    We began work in 2012 in the domain of adhesive, paint, rollup programs and similar production. 

    During our many years of work we have always upheld the following principles:
    - Utmost quality
    - Continued development of new and more advanced products
    - Logistics
    - Flawless technical support

    This is why for many years we have positioned ourselves excellently in our domestic market and have been widely represented in foreign markets in countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. 

    Our main offer includes the following products:
    - PVA adhesives for paper and cardboard packaging production. These products are also widely used in food, graphics and paper industries.
    - Various adhesives for wood industry
    - Printing dyes - water soluble used to print on absorptive surfaces
    - Various kinds of decorative bags for presents, pizzas and other purposes
    - Rollup program products such as paper, alu-foil, stretch foil and the like, used for household and other purposes 

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