Address: Kulinovacko Polje Potez IV, Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 32 376 243
Phone 2: +381 64 177 69 40
Email: izolator.cacak@hotmail.rs
4/ 5stars

15 years ago we started our company “IZOLATOR” and now after years of successful work and many customers, our company became the leader in selling isolation material in west Serbia. 

IZOLATOR is the general representative of BEKAMENT. Our program consists of coatings for the interior and exterior wall surfaces, construction glues, sealing mass, lime-cement machine plaster, emulsions, bases and other construction materials.

The trust of our buyers gives us the strength to continue expanding our offer and testing the branch. Our team of workers continuously expands on their knowledge and training in order to give our customers the very best.

Our quality and the trust that you’ve shown us has given us the means to construct our new store which will soon become the new ambiance with a big sales area and a new selling spot for IZOLATOR.

These are just some of the reasons why you should become our customer.

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