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In business since: 2017.

CA DENT has been in business for over 20 years and has provided the highest quality dental materials to our buyers.

We have confirmed our position as a reliable partner by helping equip a large number of dental clinics.

The security of our business practices comes in part from our team of professionals from various fields of dentistry so good advice is guaranteed.

The main goal of CA DENT is to equip health centers, dental clinics and private dental cinics with products such as dental instruments and dental expendable materials as well as all other products required for successful work of a dental medicine doctor.

At our sales center we have a large selection of articles such as expendable dental supplies made by famous global manufacturers.

Our main mission is the satisfaction of our buyers who will be able to find solutions thanks to our products which will be delivered swiftly at competitive prices and very beneficial payment terms.

CA DENT 032, 21 Devet Jugovica st., Cacak
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