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Electrical materials Cacak

Address: 20 Svetozara Markovica st., Cacak
Viber: 060/320-00-19
In business since: 03.2015.
Through an administrative ban / installment

“HOBI DUCAN” ltd. was founded in March 2015 with the logo “For your home, for your apartment – HOBI DUCAN” and we have stuck to that to this day, continuously expanding the product assortment you can find at our store. Simple – for crafts masters and hobbyists, amateurs and professionals – everyone can find something for themselves and the decoration of their home.

NEW IN HOBI DUCAN - graphical brushes for electric tools, vaccuum cleaners and laundry washers.

Hobi ducan now participates in the promotion 3+ by offering discounts for families with 3+ children who present the organization membership card. They will recieve 5% discount on electric tools and 10% discount on all other articles.

We can offer you:

- Electro-material: switches, sockets, extensions cords, cables, light bulbs (standard and LED)...special notice – we have home-produced LED bulbs “WEIS LIGHT” that come with 2 years written guarantee.

- furniture fittings: hinges, handles, sliders, legs...

- electrical tools Einhell and BAVARIA with 2 years of guarantee...

- curtain rails: ceiling (PVC and aluminium), wall (wooden and metal)

- aluminium transition floor borders

HOBI DUCAN, 20 Svetozara Markovica st., Cacak
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