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    Drinks and coffee distribution Cacak

    Address: 7b Nikole Tesle st., Cacak
    Fax +381 32 537 75 00
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Delivery Delivery
    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 17.09.2003.
    Through an administrative ban / installment

    The company NT Bolero Ltd is osnavana 17.09.2003.god. with headquarters in Cacak.

    The founders of the company are Mr. Bojan Janjic and Mr. Nenad Matović.

    The company was founded with the idea of distributing and selling drinks in the exclusive town of Cacak and its surroundings.

    From the time of its founding to the present day business of the company has expanded, the company has changed several seats until 2009 did not build their own hall at ul. Nikola Tesla 7b.

    By this time the company has already established a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as a wide distribution network, the company turned to imports.

    The idea was to enrich the quality and range of new products for our market.

    Along with the expansion of activity there was a need to open more retail stores and distribution centers.

    Within the company in 2013, operates 26 retail stores spread throughout the territory of Serbia and six distribution centers, and public bonded warehouse within the central warehouse in Cacak.

    Along with the development of the company, the range of goods is constantly expanding.

    NT Bolero has started cooperation in 2014 with a winery "Tikves" as a general distributor in the territory of Serbia.

    In order to gain insight into the range mention only a few brands (Ballantines Finest, Chivas regal, Johnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Moet, Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot), brands that NT Bolero imported from Polish (range of hot drinks are types of hot chocolate, cappuccino , supplement maker) and Romania (Tedi juices for children and young people).

    Market expansion has imposed the need to increase the number of sales managers and their ongoing training.

    They visit daily market at predetermined routes, which means that they are in daily contact with customers.

    Ruth ticket sales and dispatch of goods is known plateau, but aligns with market trends.

    Distribution is organized so that customers receive the goods from Cacak same day, buyers from other cities receive the goods at the latest within 48 hours.

    The company currently employs 270 workers.

    At this point NT Bolero Ltd has a portfolio of about 900 active customers in the wholesale market.

    Dominating the Horeca customers as well as classic trade.

    With the opening of new distribution centers, the number of customers is constantly increasing.

    Investing in marketing to the fleet branding, placing advertisements on large billboards throughout the city that we have, branding catering equipment our customers are ways to be competitive in a market that is increasingly demanding.

    By constantly expanding range of products and distribution network, the company strives to realize his vision, namely the formation of branched network of customers and most efficient possible distribution.

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