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    Dental tehnician labotories Cacak

    Address: 13/3 Gospodar Jovanova st., Cacak

    Our dental laboratory Mini dental is located in the center of Cacak.

    Years of experience in performing the most demanding prosthetic works with the use of highest quality materials and modern technology in the hands of educated and experienced professionals. Our dentists and their patients have a quality cooperation, allowing everyone to have a more functional, healthy and beautiful smile.

    Our services include CAD CAM technology which allows us to produce the latest modern prosthetics via scanning and computer planning, allowing for highly precise dentures.

    Depending on the materials used the extensions can be made out of printed metal or cut zirconium.

    When it comes to mobile works we make acrylic braces, total and partial, wissil braces and flexible braces (Bredent biodental, breflex...) as well as a combination of aesthetic hooks with acrylics and combined works with fixed extensions and mobile braces.

    We also make orthodontic apparatuses and temporary crowns.


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