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    Dental clinics Cacak


    Dental clinic Dr Ljubicic in Cacak is a clinic with over 50 years of tradition and three generations of dentists.

    The services we offer include:
    - Dental repairs
    - Teeth extraction
    - Teeth whitening
    - Removing limescale
    - Dental implants
    - Dental prosthetics
    - Oral surgery
    - Prosthetic services
    - Children's dentistry
    - Preventive dentistry
    - Emergency interventions

    Various foods and drinks contribute to the discoloration and damage to the teeth in addition to the hygiene of the jaw.

    When the moment comes that you need dental treatment, repairs, extraction or preventive examinations, our dental clinic Dr. Ljubicic is the best choice for you.

    We give 2 years of guarantee for fillings and in addition to standard interventions we offer implantology services at very high-quality standards and surgical procedures for adults and children.

    Our clinic has a pleasant atmosphere and employs a highly educated staff with years of experience.

    Swiftly, professionally and with a minimum amount or no pain, we help your face and teeth shine again.

    Working hours:
    Mon-Fri: 10AM - 5PM

    Emergency interventions: we are at your disposal during working hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

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