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Dental clinics Cacak

Address: 1b Kralja Petra Prvog st., Cacak

Specialized dental clinic Dental Center Jugovic is located in Cacak at NN Kralja Petra I street.

In our modernly furnished and pleasant ambiance of our clinic you will be greeted by our excellent team of professionals who have years of experience with the possibility of consulting professionals from the Military medicine academy in Belgrade.

Our team includes:
- Dr Milan Jugovic, a specialist in oral surgery – implantologist
- Mr sci. prim. Dr Zoran Jugovic, a specialist in oral surgery – implantologist
- Dr Lena Jovanovic, dentist, doctorate graduate from the Dental Faculty of Novi Sad

We offer all types of dental services, completely pain-free with the use of the latest methods and materials.

* Oral surgery (non-complicated and complicated tooth extractions, surgical removal of impacted teeth, cyst surgery with bone-replacement and PRF membranes, orthodontic and pre-prosthetic preparation for patients.)

* Implantology

* Prosthetics (full and partial braces, metal-ceramic and non-metal crowns and bridges, implant prosthetics...)

* Parodontology (removing calc and soft deposits, processing parodontal pockets, surgeries with bone replacement and PRF membranes)

* Dental diseases and endodontics (aesthetic fillings, root canal treatments...)

* Children’s dentistry (filling fissures, repairing and extractions of baby teeth)

* Aesthetic dentistry (teeth whitening, creating composite facets...)

Contact us for more information about dental services that we offer:

Phone numbers:  
Landline phone: 032/ 32 11 24
dr Milan Jugovic 065/ 23 29 080
dr Zoran Jugovic 064/ 23 29 080
dr Lena Jovanovic 064/ 50 40 717

Working hours:
Mon-Fri 09AM – 08PM
Saturdays 09AM – 1PM

DENTAL CENTER MJ, 1b Kralja Petra Prvog st., Cacak
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