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Address: 10/1 ulica 500 st., Trbusani, Cacak
Viber: 065/36-59-579
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In business since: 2005.

Car line sztr Cacak was founded on the grounds of one of the first private car metalwork shops called Ljubo, which worked in Cacak in 1998.

The shop was founded by Ljubisa Krsmanovic Ljubo who had 35 years of experience in repairs of totaled vehicles as the leader of the metalwork department for the Auto Moto Club in Cacak.

We registered under the name Auto Line stzr. on 05.10.2005 due to expanding activities so that in addition to metalwork services we can also offer car parts for sale, enabling us to offer our client repairs at a turnkey system.

The shop was then taken over the owner's son Darko Krsmanovic and already today his son Luka joins his father and grandfather, so you can say that Auto Line sztr. is a family company.

With us you can repair your totaled vehicles in the shortest possible time thanks to certified services whose distributers we are for several brands of vehicles.

You can also have your vehicle repaired without paying through the insurance house notaries with a guarantee letter.

We have all the required tools and knowledge for quality vehicle repairs.

We have our own manufacturers who will paint your vehicle for us.

If you are unable to do so, we can obtain the parts for you.

Turnkey system in the shortest possible time with guaranteed quality of all the works.

If you have need of us, pay us a visit.


Auto Line is located in Cacao 10/1 500 street on the road to Trbusani near the ABS gas station in Rasadnik.  


CAR LINE, 10/1 ulica 500 st., Trbusani, Cacak
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