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    Beekeeping Cacak

    Address: 43 Svetozara Markovica st., Cacak
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    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
    In business since: 2014.
    Through an administrative ban / installment

    Melita SK is a specialized store whose main activity involves selling beekeeping equipment and tools.

    In our offer we have a broad assortment of products made by national manufacturers, available at affordable prices.

    We also have all the latest information about news and innovations from the beekeeping world. 

    We’d like to highlight the following in our sales assortment:
    - Beehives, nuclei and all types of frames
    - Honey extractors (hand-powered and electric)
    - honeycomb bases (we purchase your wax and exchange it for honeycomb bases)
    - protective gear (hats, shirts, overalls, gloves…)
    - literature
    - small beekeeping tools (smokers, wire, brushes, feeders, flight shutters, numbers, cutters etc.)
    - honey packaging (jars, buckets, bowls, prochrome buckets for pouring honey)
    - Bee food
    - Ecological products for bee protection against varroa and Nosema.
    - Diet supplements for bees
    - Ecologically sound and certified paint based on water for bee hive painting.

    Any agreement is possible for larger amounts.

    Express mail delivery to your address.

    And much more in our offer. Visit us at our listed address and see the quality of our products and the friendliness of our staff.

    Working hours:
    Workdays: 8AM – 4PM
    Saturdays: 8AM – 2PM

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