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Auto services Cacak

Address: 222 Ulica st., Ljubic, Cacak
Viber: 063/31-10-44
Whatsapp: 063/31-10-44
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
In business since: 01.12.2016.
Distance from the city center of Cacak: 1900 m

Wholesale, retail, service and installing.

Planet auto imports for you high quality plastics, cables, ends, tools, buttons, switches and all other parts for window raising mechanisms in our passenger and cargo program.

Here you can find over 2,000 articles in our assortment at all times for all type of vehicles, vans, trucks.

We offer you full support when it comes to solving problems related to your window raising mechanisms and switches.

Your list of orders will be turned over to express mail the very same day.

The amount of goods you bought determines your discount which can range between 20 and 50%.

We give a guarantee to our parts.

- Glass raising sets
- Glass raising plastics
- Cords for glass raisers
- Sprockets for scissor raisers
- Inox cords, teflon budger, rubber lining
- budger ends, glass raiser cords ends
- door opening cords and cord ends
- tools for all ends
* interior buckles
* switches for glass raisers
* buttons for glass raisers
* padding for locks
* padding for keys
* silicone spray for glass lubrication

PLANET AUTO, 222 Ulica st., Ljubic, Cacak
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