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Auto cosmetics Cacak

Address: 43 Kneza Milosa st., Cacak
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In business since: 2001.
Through an administrative ban / installment

We exclusively manufacture of standard auto upholstery top quality.

Today we manufacture upholstery kits for all the most common types of cars in our country with the highest quality German, Italian and French imported materials.

These materials are original factory tapacirunzi.

Always we offer thirty designs from which the customer can alone, or with our help to make a large number of combinations of colors and patterns for the seat of your pet.

In addition to the options selected the desired patterns were offered the option of ordering a link to the upholstery.

We offer special benefits to companies that opt for branding upholstery option for your fleet.

In addition to auto upholstery, we are making the typical and ordinary car mats from the canvas as well as rubber, with signs of vehicles and the hanging for newer vehicles.

We own our shop, which is located in the center of Cacak in Knez Milos 43 where you can find a large selection of auto cosmetics.

We own over 800 items of which we will present various models:

- wheel covers

- Roof rails

- Roof boxes

- Auto upholstery

- Auto floor mats

- Trimmed steering wheel, gearshift, pedals

- Daytime running lights, xenon lights

- wiper

- Various auto characters

- Fragrances for auto

- The necessary equipment

- And many more interesting items for your pet.

AUTO EQUIPMENT TRIO, 43 Kneza Milosa st., Cacak
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