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    Restaurants Bogatic

    Address: 6 7Avgusta st., Bogatic

    Once an empty household in Bogatici is today the “Alley of sustainable development”, the place that is a cross between social protection, hospitality, primary and secondary agricultural production, ethno tourism and more – all in accordance with the concepts of sustainable development.

    In Avlija, Bogatici you will find an open style kitchen and restaurant intended for preparing:

    -        Food for the Avlija visitors

    -        Catering

    -        Organizing group visits

    -        Various gatherings

    -        Daytime stays and house help users

    At the estate there are greenhouses where we grow vegetables while fruit is grown in our estates in Badovinci and Vukosici. Fruits and vegetables that we grow are used in our kitchen as ingredients but also processed into products such as our own brand of rakia, raspberry and blackberry juice, jams and preserves…

    Daytime stay and our residential support objects where we provide support for people with mental development problems and intellectual challenges.

    In the territory of Bogatici, we also provide help in the house which is intended for the elderly, the disabled and people suffering from chronic health problems.

    Sustainable development is an integral, economical, technological, social and cultural development.

    It is coordinated with the needs of protection and advancement of the environment, allowing the current and future generations to satisfy their needs and improve the quality of their lives.