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    Restaurants Sremska Mitrovica

    Address: Ribarska obala nn, Sremska Mitrovica
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    In business since: 2007.

    On the bank of the Sava river at Sremska Mitrovica, the ancient city of Sirmium is a restaurant unique looks.

    Restaurant called stilt houses.

    This restaurant is a story in itself precisely because in a way, is a kind of tourist attraction.

    It is situated on the bank of the Sava River and its ambiance is a blend between sofosticiranog and rustic.

    Away from the city bustle, yet located close to the center.

    Your enjoyment of the beautiful nature and even better grub will not be anything to spoil.

    All you have to say is: what kind of fish specialties you have to try.

    In addition to the original "wood" ambience complemented by a lovely view, guests here can enjoy the benefits of fish and other dishes.

    Restaurant SOJENICA you except pleasant ambience offers always fresh fish, seafood stew, meat from the grill, a variety of desserts, good local white wine, a special environment makes a huge terrace on the water overlooking the Sava River, pontoon where you can moor your boat, watercraft or yacht if you come to us for the river.

    Will be welcomed by friendly staff and welcoming host of old fishermen houses with centuries of tradition.

    The restaurant has a large parking lot at the entrance to the restaurant is sufficient for all our visitors.

    Our stilt houses you can afford and winter cozy and romantic room with a crackling fire and a hot meal for cold winter days.

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