Address: 7 Ibarski put st., Meljak
Barajevo Phone: +381 64 100 10 01
Web: www.salasrbija.com
4/ 5stars

Restaurant Serbia after 33 years of operation opens the banquet hall for the celebration, which is just one reason to point us honor you with our long-standing experience and organize your celebration.

Formal Hall Serbia includes 850 m2 of which 500 m2 is intended to accommodate guests, providing an exceptional comfort, and the room is equipped with state of the art system for air conditioning and ventilation recuperators and MRV2 system.

As for the menu, here you can find a wide range of food and beverages. Therefore the price range is from 23 to 99 €, and in addition there is also the opportunity to compose your menu.

Unlike other ornament that offer catering, our food is stored directly in our kitchen with all European standards.

The possibility of lodging guests at the motel VILA SERBIA the promo prices.

The honeymoon is provided apartment type PRESIDENT in house VILLA SERBIA.