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Arilje Phone: +381 31 389 43 21
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Our Isaak ltd. company began work in 1991. 

Our main activity is creating knitted goods and knitwear as well as providing knitting, dyeing and bleaching services.

The knitted goods are made of combed knitting string of various numerations and is treated using high quality dyes and auxiliary products.

The materials can be delivered in a tube package or open in various knitted forms such as single, interlock, various collage rip. footer, single with licre, single pike.

We dye materials using recipes from our dye chart or analyze your sample colors in our lab to produce an identical shade. 

- knittery
- textile factory

- knitting on latest generation machines
- whitening pem and pes metrics
- dyeing materials
- textiles
- knitwear
- Painting
- production and processing of textiles
- textile Arilje
- textile production
- Textile dyeing
- tricot knitwear
- textile fabrics
- textile triangles