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Laundry manufacture and wholesale Arilje

Address: 35 Slobodana Penezica Krcuna st, Arilje
Fax: 031/894-983
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
In business since: 2008.

MM TEX is in Arilje, not far from the city center in the village of Gruda. We've been successfully dealing in this business for three years with previous work experience of fifteen years. EXCLUSIVE sown cotton and cotton-lycra. The range of our products is MEN: - Mini pants, boxer shorts, men's briefs, male athlete, BOXING SHORT SLEEVE T-shirts - Body shirts, men's shirts (pique), the male baby shorts, long pants, underclothes, pajamas, etc. ... WOMEN: - Mini pants, boxer shorts, classic women's underwear, athletes, American, BOXING, tight tank top, body, etc. .. - Women's baby-doll, nightgowns, pajamas, tights and women's shirts (pique), coveralls - Rollers and porulorke female, feminine tunics, etc. .. CHILDREN - Male and female athletes shirts - boxers - shorts - Baby-doll, pajamas - Short sleeve shirts - Tank tops, long pants, tights, etc. .. DO at very affordable prices in the market. CALL AND SEE YOU IN THE QUALITY OF OUR SERVICES

MM - TEX, 35 Slobodana Penezica Krcuna st, Arilje
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