Address: Mirosaljci, Arilje
Arilje Phone: +381 31 38 99 673
Phone 2: +381 63 75 23 269
Phone 3: +381 62 964 33 80
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"ETNOTEX SAVIC" is a small family owned company that manufactures traditional costumes and local handicraft. It is located in part of the house is Savic which nevertheless engaged in rural tourism and agriculture. The company was founded in 2009. year. In addition to the production of traditional men's, women's and children's costumes, Etnotex Savic made embroidered shirts, blouses, skirts, vests, bodice, woven skirts, belts, sajkaca. In addition, the products are embroidered curtains, pillows, tablecloths, bedding and other decorative items and various souvenirs. All products are made by hand and are of high quality, as evidenced by a certificate of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the quality of domestic products.

Within households, there are accommodation facilities as well as a space for mini camp ŠLJIVIK. In addition to the friendly smiles and good cheer in the household Savic can try the inevitable local food, which is prepared according to traditional recipes of our grandmothers. There are sweet, bread, corn bread, complete bun, polenta, savory and sweet pies, cheese, cream cheese, goat cheese, ham, lamb and pork, and other traditional dishes and specialties.

Domaćinsvo our work and catering services.

Etnotex shop and household Savic are unique in that visitors and guests have the opportunity to learn the techniques of embroidery, crochet, knitting, making themselves some souvenirs and take them as a souvenir. Also, guests can prepare food for the winter, harvest seasonal fruits make sweet and participate in all activities and household activities Savic.

Etnotex Savic has participated in a number of events to promote and preserve the Serbian tradition of forgetting the old folk crafts and specialties.