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Warehouses, construction materials Arandjelovac

Address: 152 Knjaza Milosa st, Arandjelovac
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
In business since: 1993.

As a direct contractors in most local brick and tile factory we are able to

offer a full range of building materials made ??of baked clay and the increasingly popular

category of concrete tiles.
Rating Omega Commerce Ltd. and many years of market presence as a guarantee of quality

našig services.

Our suppliers:
- Our unity - Kovin
- The universe Kubršnica - Arandelovac
- Mašinac - Svilajnac
- Zorka brick - Lower Crniljevo
- Bricks - Smederevo Palanka
- Stražilovo - Srem Karlovci
- Fantini Scianatico - Mihajlovac
- Flight - Novalja
- Potisje - Kanjiza
- Igma - Uljma
Suppliers of concrete roof tiles:
- KMB Beta - Czech manufacturer based in Backi Petrovac and
- Mediterran - Hungarian manufacturer of stock in Subotica and Grocka

OMEGA KOMERC LTD, 152 Knjaza Milosa st, Arandjelovac
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