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Web: www.leonardoshirts.com
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The company Leonardo shirts ltd was founded in 2000 in Arandjelovac as a small family company that manufactures men's shirts.

We have over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing shirts.

At the beginning we have developed from the work of finishing the other big companies and brands, and finally, the strong competition, confidently create their own brand.

From experience and that the quality and originality of the most important prerequisite for creating, Leonardo shirts Ltd. has created a brand - Leonardo košulje- synonymous with quality, comfort and unique design.

Today, we exclusively own product line Leonardo shirt.

Our trademark is quality men's shirts, the selected materials and stylish design for modern man.

This clothing line and soon joined the program for a modern and dynamic woman and program tie.

By Leonardo shirts can now be found in over 300 retail stores in over 70 cities in Serbia, but also through wholesale in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

We also export shirts to EU countries: Austria, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland ... and a strong European competition, find their shows to customers with exquisite taste.

Successfully operating in the largest cities of Russia, Moscow and St.Petersburg.

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