Address: nn Bukuljska st., Arandjelovac
Arandjelovac Phone: +381 34 670 15 00
Phone 2: +381 62 234 700
Email: ivancevic.sport@gmail.com
Web: www.ivancevicsport.co.rs
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IVANČEVIĆ SPORT AND RECREATION CENTER is located in the heart of the hydrosphere and Bukovička Centre in Banja which is known as a tourist center since the time of Karađorđevića and Obrenovic.

The spa is located at the foot of the mountain Bukulja, at an altitude of 270 m.

Arandelovac adorns the park, which spreads over 40 acres, with numerous flower beds and numerous species of rare trees.

Its beauty is complemented by the sculptures made of white marble Venčac, carved within the festival "Marble and Sounds".

The park is so unique sculpture gallery under the open sky.

Arandelovac is located only 75 km from Belgrade, between two roads: the Ibar and the route Belgrade - Kragujevac (M 23).

Since ancient times, this area suitable for recreation, vacation, short or long stay.

Close to major urban centers, temperate continental climate, sea greens and rich cultural and historical heritage, are just some of the reasons to come to the city under Bukulja.

Ivančević sport and recreation center offers its guests a place where positive atmosphere, a place where they can relax and at least for a while forget about everyday problems.