Address: 28 Alekse Santica st., Arandjelovac
Arandjelovac Phone: +381 34 6711-057
Phone 2: +381 60 6711-057
Web: www.konjickiklubarandjelovac.rs
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Equestrian Club is the Arandjelovac sprotska organization dedicated to equestrian sports and equestrian tourism. Equestrian club Arandjelovac offer include: Horseback riding in nature, basic training in riding, horseback riding, walking, children riding, cross-country and tourist riding, horse sports training, therapeutic riding, carriage and sleigh. Equestrian club also organizes seminars and educational camps and seminars, as well as cooperation and exchange with other equestrian clubs in Serbia. Basic training in riding: The aim is to acquaint the student with the basics of riding and prepare for recreational riding, or training in equestrian sport. Riding school (preparing for sports competition) is intended for those who want to learn the basics of riding. Children walking on horseback: the youngest fans of riding, horse and nature lovers that are our members who will walk them, leading horses, which will light up the face of every child. Basic training: primarily intended for students from Arandjelovca and environment at a price of 5000 dinars for 10 hours. Field and tourist riding, riding in the countryside: Feel all the charm and natural beauty of the landscape Sumadija. Along the shore of the lake, forest trails to the peaks of the mysterious mountains, passing through the "stone mountain" to the medieval monasteries, picturesque landscapes and stunning sight ojas insurrectionary Orašac and on horseback to meet with the historical sights. One day horse and ride with lunch - will allow you to completely relax and forget about everyday life. In a world where time longer exists, you will experience an unforgettable experience, and images of beautiful clear water lakes, evergreen forests of the mountain Bukulja vast, undulating roads flowery meadows near pristine mountain springs will lead you to a world in which you did not know existed. Along the way you will discover the world of animals that move freely in nature. Riding in the countryside, riding coach: If you want to take the stress of the city and feel the magic of nature, enjoying the scenery, visit historical sites, learn to ride, feel the romance carriages, ... will take you to the world for which you did not know existed. The two-day riding: - to completely enjoy the natural beauty of the area. It is suitable for people who have no riding experience prethnodno. The price includes guide service, with meals and overnight in ethno village, as well as basic training for non-riders. This service is organized for a minimum of two people. And camps are organized: For larger groups of nature lovers and horse, the program plans to meet your needs. Equestrian tourism and equestrian sports training: - are intended for customers who visit us with their horses. Equestrian Club has put an attractive location with great potential for receiving horses. Courts, which gives us a very favorable natural environment, both for sports riding, and recreational and tourist sightseeing area and enjoy the natural beauty. The club are also: a therapeutic horseback riding, carriage and sleigh.