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    Restaurants Arandjelovac

    Address: Vrbica, Parlog, Arandjelovac

    Below the Bukulja at an altitude of 396 m, there is a restaurant Hunters Paradise.
    In the summer "Lovacki Raj" is characterized by the smell of various forest trees, birds chirping, the smell of mountain flowers and fresh air.
    In winter a crackling fire in the room with a fireplace, take us back to the good old vremena.Lovački paradise was built entirely of wood and surrounded by woods. Unique and outdated food from wild animals out of the kitchen and the dryer awakens the senses.
    The smell of homemade bread from the ovens is something to experience and try.
    Homemade plum brandy, quince and apricot wine from the old ones giving back your strength.  Lovački raj can not describe and picture display, it must be experienced.
    Treat yourself and above all go hunting Raj ...