Address: 13a Garaska st., Arandjelovac
Arandjelovac Phone: +381 321 07 43
4/ 5stars

Restaurant was founded in 1988, then expanded and renovated in 2005.

We are located above the park in Bukovicka spa, at the foot of Bukulja, with beautiful views of the city Arandjelovac.

We organize various kinds of celebrations for 50 to 350 seats.

Ideal for wedding celebrations, coming of age, christenings, gala dinners, and also tourist lunches.

We have a parking Own source with over 50 seats.

In the beautiful setting, with carefully chosen selection menu of drinks and good music, we will make your celebration unique.

Come to meet and to exchange ideas about the celebration of that law, so we made the best possible way, because your The pleasure is our future recommendations.

Your restaurant "Knjaz".