Car air conditioning Arandjelovac

Address: 24 Jovana Ducica st., Arandjelovac

The Auto Centar Bozic company, headquartered in Arandjelovac at 24 Jovana Ducica street, provides technical inspection services for passenger and cargo vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons, as well as complete registration which can be paid in several monthly installments without going to the Mup.

With us, you can create a sales contract, pay your vehicle transfer tax, take out a travel insurance policy, as well as all types of insurance related to vehicles and property.

As part of the Auto Center, we also provide servicing of car air conditioners, as well as straightening aluminum rims of passenger cars.

You can schedule an appointment for a technical inspection and other services or any information related to our services by calling 063/615-360 as well as via e-mail:

CAR CENTER BOZIC, 24 Jovana Ducica st., Arandjelovac
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