Address: 9 Kneza Mihaila st., Arandjelovac
Arandjelovac Phone: +381 34 722 888
Phone 2: +381 60 550 15 41, +381 64 250 15 41
Phone 3: +381 60 448 91 47, +381 65 333 53 82
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Stores and auto service "Ferrari" since 2004 specializes in selling auto parts for all European, Japanese and Korean vehicles and also for vans.
Since 2012, we started work and service for all types of vehicles where the replacement of oil filters is free and
free replacement of tiles, undercarriage parts when making monthly actions which make certain producers of car parts.

The offer on the condition we have over 10,000 different items which allows us quick and efficient service.

We are known for the sale and installation of parts quality and reputable manufacturers who sell their products in the first installation vehicles and as such provide a certain period of guarantee.

Several times a year the right actions are selling shock absorbers for the purchase of 3 pieces, 4-spins obtained free of charge as well as actions for free battery check and diagnose faults for specific periods of time.

High-quality, fast and efficient service is the motto of our work and the satisfaction of a large number of customers.
Buying auto parts and service can be paid by cash, credit card, deferred installment purchase through payroll
workers, invoice.

All information can be obtained on tel .:
034 / 722-888
064 / 250-15-41
060 / 550-15-41
060 / 448-91-47
065 / 333-53-82
The address is Knez Mihailo No.9, 34300 Aranđelovac.