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Address: 18 Erska st., Zlatibor
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Zlatibor Maxi-Taxi offers safe transportation services in comfotable vehicles driven by polite and professional staff at the most affordable prices. Our services are available in the territories of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hertzegovina as well as transportation from the Nikola Tesla airport to Zlatibor.

Our special offer includes field trips in the Zlatibor region in order to introduce our culture and history to tourists.

Special benefits for groups and longer relations.

Our fleet consists of safe and comfortable high-class vehicles . Every vehicle is air-conditioned and has WiFi.

We transport from the Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade to Zlatibor at best prices.


Located on the confluence of the rivers Beli Rzav and Drina in Visegrad is the Andric town complex built by our famous director Emir Kusturica. This is the historical point of unity and separation for peoples and cultures which today shines again in cultural and tourist locations map.


Drvengrad is a movie ethno village located in Mokra gora between the mountains Zlatibor and Tara which the director Emir Kusturica built in Mecavnik hill. Mecavnik overlooks the Mokra Gora village and is on the same height as the Jatare railway station through which the "Sarganska 8" train passes.


Even though a museum under the open sky is not a very common sight, Sirogojno is just that - it preserves around 50 original Zlatibor cottages which contain over 2,000 exhibition items which can be seen in the unique setup of old village homes with numerous buildings.

Stopica cave

This is a river cave through which Trnavski stream passes. It is around 191,5m long and covers the surface of about 7811,5m2 with 120,000m3 volume. The cave has an impressive entrance on the right side of Prstavica river that is around 35m wide and 18m tall.


The mountain Tara was declared a National park on 13th of July 1981 by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. It stretches on around 19,175ha area. The care of Western Serbia's most beautiful mountain has been entrusted to JP national park Tara which ranges about 19200ha.


Special natural reservation Uvac is a protected natural treasure of extreme importance. It is located in Uvac canyon in the territory of Sjenica and Nova Varos, between Zlatar mountain in the south-west and Javor in North-East. It is a real paradise not only for tourists but for lovers of nature, speleologists and ornitologists. Over 104 kinds of birds live in this place, most famous and largest of which is the griffon vulture.

Mileseva monastery is a Serbian medieval monastery located in the 6th kilometer from Prijepolje in Milesevica river. Built in Raski style it was built by the king Stefan Vladislav (1234—1243) in the first half of the 13th century as a foundation in which he was also buried.


















MAXI TAXI ZLATIBOR, 18 Erska st., Zlatibor
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