Address: Gajevi, Zlatibor
Zlatibor Phone: +381 31 384 19 62
Phone 2: +381 31 583 694
Phone 3: +381 64 278 79 56
4/ 5stars

The first meeting of the inn Gaj, many guests have earned while walking to the monument.

For this purpose Zlatibor famous promenade, a new perspective and a desire to visit the "Tavern on the mountain", is being discussed.

On the open terrace in front of the tavern offers a wonderful view of the valley of the river and Cigota Katusnice, which emerges into the hills to the east.

Gostiljska famous waterfall on the river this is about fifteen kilometers downstream.

This corner of nature we recommend who love nature, tranquility, prekrsnih walking, true relaxation and recovery. The possibility of accommodation ...

In the courtyard inn is equipped with a mini playground for children.

Guests can use the parking facility above.

The restaurant part has 60 seats, a terrace with another 24th

In daily offer specialties of traditional zlatiborske table.

We especially recommend the homemade yogurt in clay pots.