Address: nn Sportova st., Zlatibor
Zlatibor Phone: +381 31 640 900
Phone 2: +381 31 640 901
Email: marketing@dinopark.rs
Web: www.dinopark.rs
4/ 5stars

One of the most significant reasons for opening our “Dino park” in Zlatibor is the mountain’s ideal geographical position, exactly halfway between Belgrade and Montenegro and Dubrovac seaside.

Many significant highways pass by here, as well as railways including Belgrade-Bar railway line.

With its geographical position alone, in addition to its natural beauties, this mountain is completely breathtaking and compels anyone who visits it to always come back. Zlatibor is a mountain that’s nice to visit throughout the year.

Dino park is a big step for Zlatibor in joining all the famous global destinations and completing its offer in an original way, with content designed to charm people of all ages and interests. 

Dino park occupies a 5ha area in a pine forest and is the ideal place for a full-day vacation with friends and family, organizing team-building activities, birthday celebrations and other events.

Dino park provides entertaining cultural and educative content to its visitors. The residents of the park include 24 replicas of Mesozoic era dinosaurs.  

In addition to the dinosaurs’ appearance, size and characteristics, the Dino guide team is there to tell you about life in the time of Triassic, Jurassic and Credo period and how these intriguing animals completely disappeared off the planet.  

One of the most interesting reasons to visit Dino park Zlatibor is the Adventure park.

The content in which you can test your physical endurance and survival instincts, spend a day in nature, have fun with your friends and family.

Our 108m long zipline is also an adrenaline treat.

Dino park offers you the possibility of testing your abilities in firing various types of weapon replicas in our Air Soft polygon or try your hand in archery.

The artificial rock for rock-climbing is about 10m tall with five levels and is a proper challenge both for experienced climbers and for beginners.

Quads for children and adults and 6D cinemas are other types of content that can fulfill your adrenaline rush.

For our youngest guests who are enjoying the Dino park there is a special corner – Dino village which is fully adjusted to kids and their interests.

Soon the Dino park will delight its visitors by opening a minigolf course, a polygon for RC cars, a paintball zone and their own zoo.

For all lovers of winter sports and mountain idyllic, Dino park will soon include a skating ring into its offer as well as a polygon skiing track.

The goal of Dino park is to make its visitors smile in order to make them want to return to Zlatibor with its hospitality and positive spirit and to use its innovations to always create new and nurture old friendships.