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    Restaurants Veliko Gradiste

    Address: 2 Kneza Lazara st., Veliko Gradiste, Srebrno jezero
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    In business since: 2015.

    Maybe as a child in my flighty bouts of imagination I dreamed of continuing my family tradition. Maybe this elusive desire has, unbeknownst to me, been coursing through my veins and shaped my personality, seeking its path to fruition.

    Today, when I have years of knowledge and experience behind me and my family by my side, I am convinced that none of it has been a coincidence. That the ancient dream of my maternal grandfather, Milenko "Ajduk", of owning his own tavern and leaving it to his grandchildren, finally came true through me and that the murky, difficult years that left a trace on me are finally a thing of the past.

    "Kasina kod Ajduka" tavern is merely a continuation of my grandfather's dreams and a reflection of his and mine character, how he stayed true to himself in good and ill, always ready to make the right decisions without hesitation.

    Matbe this is why I too, seeking for a reason to open my tavern, finally realized that it was something stronger than any reasonable excuse and that it's a continuation of my family tradition and an unavoidable part of my life, the parts that gives my existence color and flavor.

    I know that taverns have souls, just like people - they are places where lives cross paths, cultures collide, temperaments meet, destinies intertwine.

    Each of them tells their own story in one of infinite variations and every story is marked by its time.

    I deeply believe that the best time for "Kasina kod Ajduka" is yet to come and that we will, with our atmosphere and spirit, give many travellers the beauty they seek. Maybe this is precisely the charm of our ambiance.


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