Address: 1 Revolucije st., Tutin
Tutin Phone: +381 20 820 660
Phone 2: +381 63 101 11 71
Phone 3: +381 63 319 727 - restaurant
4/ 5stars

Everything you want in one place, a wide selection of mixed goods at reasonable prices.

Come and see for yourself! Welcome.

We also have a newly opened restaurant Clock Tower, which is located in the center of Tutin and with beautiful appearance and fantasy architecture as well as with friendly staff and an amazing menu and domestic cuisine offers our dear fellow citizens and guests by inviting ambience and wonderful stay.

We own and luxurious villa on the coast for the issuance of the summer.

Contact us for any kind of information and reservations.

And as another activity, we have a flock of sheep, which always renews and we service slaughtering and roast lamb and quadrupeds and the delivery for the whole of our country.

For more information contact us via phone.