Address: 2 Stevana Tisme st., Stari Banovci
Stari Banovci Phone: +381 22 351 671
Phone 2: +381 62 334 786
4/ 5stars

The restaurant "Venice" has a long family tradition passed on from generation to generation ever since 1956.
In this local generation rule, service, cuisine and appearance must be at the top level. And on the banks of the Danube great convenience - concrete approach which serves for boats to land among light of the Danube waves, so when relaxed from driving and a light breeze opened  your appetite, the 'Venice' 'waits for you' with 'all sorts of sweetness'.

By definition, at our restaurant, there are, of course, fish dishes, especially excellent fish soup, by which Venice is widely known. One of the specifics of the restaurant is that this fish is not saved with the help of deep fryer and other novelties, but depending on the wishes of the customer in the old brassy pans or on the grill. Fish purchased from local fishermen, always fresh, and the menu includes perch, catfish, sturgeon other freshwater and saltwater fish and many other specialties of chicken, turkey and pork.
A large selection of drinks, desserts.