Address: 18 Branka Radicevica st., Stara Pazova
Stara Pazova Phone: +381 63 591 725
Phone 2: +381 22 310 488
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We were founded 19.06.1990 as the first private driving school in the state. Our main activity is the training of drivers.

Company founder is Jan Hrebik who prior to founding Semafor worked at AMC "Flag" in the position of the Head of the driving school.

The primary task of Semafor is quality training and a safe driver.

Since 1990 to date in the training worked 10 instructors and 20 vehicles.

We trained 5,000 candidates.

From 2013 we started to work hard and complete registration of vehicles with all the supporting services.

Vehicle registration, insurance, technical inspection, transfer of ownership ...

On favorable terms. Save your money and time.