Address: 171 Njegoseva st., Stara Pazova
Stara Pazova Phone: +381 65 249 53 29
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Do you have a dog?

Are you planning to go on a trip, summer or winter, and do not have anyone to leave the puppy with.

The right solution for you is our boarding home for.

We keep your dogs and provide full comfort during your stay with us.

Lara Dog kennel is the first registered board of its kind in Stara Pazova.

Located outside the settlement, in a peaceful and quiet environment, without the noise and traffic.

On an area of 10 acres located 15 pens made on the standard, which are directly connected with outlets, enabling running and need physical activity every dog.

Small breed dogs keep in home conditions.

If necessary, provide veterinary care and assistance.

Upon arrival at our every dog must be cleared of internal parasites and vaccinated, they have to have the necessary documentation.

Also, we have to cooperate with organizations, ie. associations involved in the protection and rescue of abandoned dogs.

Their dogs staying with us to Find a Home.

Here you can also see pictures of some dogs who are waiting for their home and the real owner.

You might just want to Adopt Them and so get real and true friend for life.

Give them a chance because they really deserve it.

All these dogs are dewormed, vaccinated, neutered-spayed and chipped.

Taught on a leash. They get along with other dogs, people and children.

They are very good natured, loves to cuddle, play and run.

All the addoption for a house with a yard, some have learned to live in an apartment.

No dog is for the chain.

- Lara-pulinka. Three years old.
- Čupka-mongrel. Two years old.
- Čupko-mongrel poodle. Star two years.
- Fifi-mongrel. Old eight months.
- Sima-Breton. One year old, accustomed to living in an apartment or house.
- Jackie and Laika-mongrels. One-year old. Brother and sister addoption are preferably together.
- Yellow-mongrel. Two years old.

This world would be perfect if every house had a dog, any dog had a home!

Adopt, do not buy!