Address: 92 Karadjordjeva st., Stara Pazova
Stara Pazova Phone: +381 22 312 112
Phone 2: +381 65 420 00 09
Email: pekecputnik@gmail.com
4/ 5stars

Restaurant Putnik is located on the oldmain road Belgrade-Novi Sad.
It is also possible to reach using two highway - Novi Sad and Zagreb.

The tradition of the restaurant is long over 50 years and the owner of the restaurant is a family Pekec that all these years, his work strives to meet the wishes of customers.

The restaurant offers a variety of cooked dishes such as:

- Veal, fish, lamb soup
- Homemade soup with noodles
- Stew-veal, beef and venison
- Beans, tripe

In addition to cooked dishes, we offer all kinds of grilled meat, a steak and rump.

Also on offer there is a river fish - catfish, perch, carp

The food is homemade and cooked every morning by traditional recipes, which have been kept for over 50 years.

The restaurant has a capacity of 80 seats.

Come and see for yourself, become part of the tradition.