Address: 56 Novosadska st., Stara Pazova
Stara Pazova Phone: +381 22 315 637
Phone 2: +381 22 316 637
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MAJ AUTO Auto center where in one place you have:

* Tire-service
* Sale of tires and batteries
* Auto service
* Auto electrics
* Technical inspection
* Auto parts store
* Wheel alignment
* Car wash and cafe

May auto Ltd. is the work started long ago as 2000 and can say that is one of the most advanced services to our environment and beyond.
Basic and initial activity is the sale of tires and tire service.

Services are performed on modern machines, a large area, with accessible parking for all types of trucks and working machines.

The machines are automated and the latest generation, among others, we also dismantling for trucks, assemblers-dismantling for commercial vehicles and passenger-assemblers, dismantling the large wheels and tires Ranfl with special arms for mounting tires.

The device for wheel alignment is Computational without cables, laser beams.

Now here you can center the trap and on trucks larger capacity (over 4t).

We have a large stock of tires for all passenger vehicles, light, trucks, tractors, wounds machines.

Here you can buy a number of domestic and foreign brands of tires, such as MIŠELIN, TIGER, Kleber, Kormoran, Sava, Good Year, Dayton, Fulda.

Car service and car electrics for all kinds of vehicles, particularly specialized in the maintenance of the vehicle Mercedes, VW and Audi.

Technical review of the passenger and the freight program to 4t payload and vehicle registration!

The car wash manual and automatic (brush)!

And our coffee shop while all this waiting!

And what is more important than modern machines, with us doing the professional and trained people, who are always friendly and willing to help you!

See you in May car!