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    Warehouses, construction materials Sremska Mitrovica

    Address: 149 Slobodana Bajica st., Pecinci, Sremska Mitrovica
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    In business since: 2000.

    Brickyard Todorović delivers bricks to all those construction sites where they want to achieve or preserve the authenticity of architectural environments, whether interior or exterior.

    Some of the most representative buildings that were built with bricks from the drive of Ciglana Todorović are:

    - Quarters of the monastery Hilandar on Mount Athos
    - Archangel Gabriel monastery near Sid
    - Fences of St. Trinity on the Lim (Montenegro)
    - Restaurant Dine sea, Beograd
    - Stefan Gallery, Belgrade
    - Summer theater in Progaru - under construction

    Todorović brickworks are a manufacturer of brick products with decades of experience.

    They include three separate units owned by the family Todorović, of which two are located on the territory of the Republic of Serbia in Calma (municipality of Sremska Mitrovica), and in Pećinci, and one in the Republic of Serbian in Blaževci (municipality Pelagićevo).

    Decades of experience in the production of solid brick transmitted from generation to generation has led to products that are recognized both in the execution of major construction works, as well as interior and exterior.

    List of objects that are built from brick manufacturing plants Ciglane Todorović does not end only with listed public representative buildings of cultural, religious and catering character.

    In addition to the above, this includes many exclusive facilities for individual housing.

    Wishes investors for classic ambience, rustic, details and the walls in warm colors best she could be escorted precisely these products.

    These facilities Todorović bricks have found application not only in the objects themselves but also in the decoration of the parcel:

    - Fences and gates
    - Courtyard and garden paths, raised curbs, benches
    - stairs
    - arches

    Products from the drive brickworks Todorović most directly connected inside the tradition of making good bricks and needs of the market today.

    Their product range represents a valuable asset for architects and interior designers on every one facility where you need more than just a product to meet the wishes of investors.

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