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    Dental clinics Sremska Mitrovica

    Address: 13 Save Kovacevica st., Sremska Mitrovica

    Dental clinic Dr. Violeta Vladimirov with professional staff and a pleasant atmosphere offers all kinds of services in general dentistry. The main principles of our work involve a professional and individual approach to every patient.

    At our clinic we offer all kinds of dental services using the latest methods and highest quality materials.

    * Children’s preventive dentistry
    * Endodontics
    * Parodontology
    * Jaw orthopedics
    * Oral surgery
    * Aesthetic dentistry
    * Mobile and fixed prosthetics
    * Non-metal ceramics
    * Lip and wrinkle correction using hyaluronic fillers

    At the pleasant ambiance of our clinic, in addition to taking care of our patients’ aesthetic experience we also put immense value into general health and security, which we achieve via strict sterilization and hygiene control.

    We provide affordable services with the possibility of delayed payments via administrative ban and citizen checks.